Episode 131 - The Mental Health of Entrepreneurs: Breaking the Silence with Michael Devenney

In this episode of The Real Bottom Line, host Wendy Brookhouse welcomes back Michael Devenney for an in-depth discussion on a crucial yet often overlooked topic: the mental health of entrepreneurs. Michael shares insights from his groundbreaking 2017 Mindset Project survey, which revealed that 68.3% of entrepreneurs experience mental health issues, with a depression rate nearly four times higher than the general population.

Michael get into his personal journey with depression, which motivated him to conduct the survey, aiming to uncover whether his struggles were unique or shared by others in the entrepreneurial community. The conversation highlights the deep connection entrepreneurs have with their businesses and how this impacts their mental well-being.

As they discuss the results of the initial survey and the ongoing second survey, Michael and Wendy explore the increased isolation and pressure entrepreneurs face today. They talk about the limited action taken despite growing awareness and the continuous challenges of financial health, growth expectations, and the impact of external factors like the pandemic and geopolitical events.

Michael emphasizes the importance of seeking help through therapy and leveraging online resources, sharing his positive experiences with therapy over the years. Wendy and Michael also touch on practical strategies for entrepreneurs to manage stress, improve mental health, and foster better work environments.

Join us as we break the silence on this vital issue and provide actionable insights to help entrepreneurs navigate the complex landscape of mental health. Visit mindsetproject.ca to participate in Michael's survey and contribute to this essential conversation.

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Wendy Brookhouse
Wendy Brookhouse
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Shaun Whynacht
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Episode 131 - The Mental Health of Entrepreneurs: Breaking the Silence with Michael Devenney
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